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Help a Doctoral Student: Online Survey on Lean Diffusion


If you are in the midst of a Lean transformation and have some time, please take a look at this online survey from a doctoral student who contacted me. Her introductory comments:

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Helen Cherry and I am a Doctoral Candidate at Trident University International (TUI) in Cypress, CA. I am pursuing my doctoral dissertation in lean production through diffusion innovation.

The purpose of my study is to develop a new Lean Production Implementation Effectiveness (LPIE) index to evaluate the lean production deployment in organizations thereby, providing a single score to define an organization's implementation effectiveness in its diffusion of lean.

Despite the widespread use of lean production and its tools (e.g. 5S, kanban, kaizen, JIT) in various organizations and industries, there is little known about how an organization can determine its efficiency in the lean production process. Therefore, the goal of my survey is to gain your opinion about the leading indicators that you think may facilitate implementation effectiveness of lean production and its tools thereby providing an index.

Your assistance with sharing and completing my survey will provide new insight to practitioners, users, organizations, and industries alike.

My survey can be accessed directly at

The particular context of this study focuses on innovative tools used in lean production. If you are not knowledgeable or interested in this topic, it would be greatly appreciated if you would please forward this message to other(s) that may be more familiar with the lean environment.

Thank you for your assistance and participation with this study. You contribution to the continuing development of the innovative ideas in lean production is greatly appreciated.


Helen Cherry
TUI University

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  1. Helen Cherry says

    Dear Mr. Graban,

    Thank you very much for posting this blog with reference to my doctoral research in Lean Production Implementation Effectiveness and for linking my on-line survey. I appreciate your time, effort, and support!!!!

    Helen Cherry

  2. Richard Chapman says

    Hi Helen

    thanks for the opportunity to post a response and hope your survey works for you

    Just a comment that it seemed overly lengthy to me and also that there are other models of lean capability or maturity out there – have you considered using these?

    The survey also appears to shift perspective a few times – I’m not sure if my answers are as front line employee, as lean person or as CEO (not that I’m either the 1st or 3rd of these possibilities).

  3. Helen Cherry says

    Luca and Richard:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to complete my survey and for the comments. I would be most interested in the other lean maturity models. This will definitely assist in future research.

    Again, thanks!!!


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