Eric Ries TechCrunch Video on Lean Startups


Here's a video with Eric Ries giving a good overview of key points on Lean Startups. I'd urge you to watch, even if you're not involved in startups. There are some familiar and timeless Lean themes and concepts. Check out my earlier podcast with Eric.

What are your reactions to the video?

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  1. Karen Martin says

    Thanks, Mark! This is a fantastic interview that I, too, recommend everyone watch. In the service sector, we often think that developing a new service or “tweaking” an existing one is worlds apart from the development of physical product and software. But development’s development.

    Eric’s lessons are valuable for anyone and everyone. I especially liked his phrases “success theater,” “vanity metrics,” and confusing the “exhaust with the engine.” He’s not only informative, but a delight to listen to. Thank you for sharing this podcast with us.

  2. Joseph Dager says

    Great Lessons to be learned and a great primer for PDCA. Love it!!

    Eric is masterful in getting his message across. Even if you were silly enough not to take value out of his message, there is a great lesson to be learned on how he presents his product. A must listen.

    I am big fan of the Lean Startup and his idea of basically getting prototypes into the hands of real customers as soon as possible is a great lesson to be learned. The product/market fit he discusses is something that I see people struggling with all the time. Good advice!

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  5. Bobby J says

    Great video. thanks for sharing. Eric’s lessons is not only informative, but a delight to listen to, very useful for everyone, especially liked his phrase success theater.

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