Weekend Fun: “Lean Gone Lego” Video


Lean Gone LegoHere's a fun stop motion video – I presume it's from Australia or New Zealand?? I don't know the backstory on the video yet.

It shows a before and after scenario of a factory before and after Lean.

Here's the video, via YouTube:

What do you think?


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Mark Graban is an internationally-recognized consultant, author, and professional speaker who has worked in healthcare, manufacturing, and startups. His latest book is Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More. He is author of the Shingo Award-winning books Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen, as well as The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen. He also published the anthology Practicing Lean that benefits the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation, where Mark is a board member. Mark is also a Senior Advisor to the technology company KaiNexus.

  1. Rose says

    Mark, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly like how the improvement in one’s quality of life comes through the improved system – e.g. getting home to wife!

  2. Art Hau says

    Mark, the video is Australian. Nice find.

    It was produced by a professor (Peter Birch) from The Gordon TAFE Institute. TAFE stands for technical and further education which is predominantly vocational tertiary education.

    Supported by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework’s E-learning Innovations business activity, the project aims to empower workers to continuously come up with ideas to improve workplace productivity.

  3. Mark Graban says

    Yes, I’ve learned a bit more about this since last week… from one of the video creators:

    The Lego simulation depicted in the movie was developed to make it easier to get the concepts across while having some fun.

    Our Red Trolley Factory Simulation with its six processes and metrics has proved a great teaching aid for 5S, Standard Work, VSM, Load levelling + practice of Brainstorming, 5Why’s, A3’s etc in none threatening environment.

    The Institute, as one of its KPI’s for teaching areas had e-learning resources as a priority. The idea for the movie originated from our Centre manager who has three young children (like myself) who came across a Lego stop motion video on YouTube. The idea was born and we started the process of applying for an e-learning grant the result of which you have seen.

    The story board and content we compiled from our own experiences. The movie was directed by our e-mentor, shot at the studio in Geelong, using a student photographer during her two week midterm break. Some of the voices were actors and the score was put together by a musician friend. The post production work took a couple of months (part time) to get to the final version that was released. More detail of the people involved and credits for their contributions can be found on theredtrolley.blogspot.com

    Some of the rough edits were shown to students who thought that they recognised bits of themselves and their employers, it was their reactions that showed we were close to the mark.

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