Lean Blog Week in Review #3 – September 18, 2010


Here is attempt #3 in my experiment with a video “Week in Review” series. Please let me know what you think by adding comments to this post. Links mentioned in the video can be found beneath the video.

Links from the video:

If you want to share this with people, point them to  http://www.leanblog.org/review3 as an easy URL. Thanks for watching and for reading.

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  1. Peter Edstrom says

    I really like this idea of a short video reviewing recent posts. I may have to try it for my site. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Peter Edstrom says

    OK, it’s painful. But I created a video month-in-review for my posts, inspired by your example. See it here.

    1. Mark Graban says

      Cool. What software do you use for editing? I’m using iMovie and I’m wondering if Final Cut is worth the cost…

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