Lean Blog Week in Review #1 – September 4, 2010


This is a new experiment, the “Lean Blog Week in Review.” Let me know what you think. Ideally, I would do these each week, as a recap for those who are behind on the blog or as a way to attract new readers to the community.

Here is the first video. It's not perfect, but it will get better…   One example, thanks to John Hunter, I'm now listing clickable links below the video.

Links from the video:

Thanks for the feedback!

My intent for this is:

  • Provide what might be a helpful service for readers who get behind
  • A way of personalizing the blog by showing you, the readers, who I am in a different way
  • Build the community by people finding the videos on YouTube and then visiting my blog

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  1. Walter Reade says


    This is a really nice addition to the site! This is great for people like me who aren’t able to digest all the material on the blog in real time. It let’s me flag items I want to make sure I get back to.

    A small technical item – you have the music in stereo but your voice is only on one channel. It would be nice if you could have your voice audio on both channels.

  2. Mark Graban says

    Thanks, Walter – I didn’t realize that. I’ll double check the audio and try to make sure my voice is in both channels. I didn’t test with headphones, so I didn’t realize.

  3. Mike Stoecklein says

    I nice addition to your blog . keep it up!

  4. Joseph T. Dager says

    Great job Mark!!! Creative, informative and simply outstanding! The NYT should be jealous!

  5. Anna Roth says

    Hi Mark,
    What a great feature. Thanks for the wonderful summary of this week’s posts. I am inspired.

  6. Matt Wrye says

    Mark –

    I like the summary of the week. That was well done and a great use of video. Great addition.

  7. Mark Graban says

    Thanks to John Hunter’s suggestion, I’ve added links below the video.

  8. Tim Hall says

    A nice innivation.
    We’d do the same if we were able to achieve the ambition of creating enough content.
    I echo the stereo request for audio and would prefer less volume on the elevator music – your voice doesn’t need disguising!
    Keep up the good work.
    Looking forward to some more articles on Lean Construction in Healthcare – a growing area here in the UK & I’ll send you links as we get to the point we have some experience to share.

  9. Mark Graban says

    Thanks, Tim. I’m going to dial back the music a bit and I’ll repost an updated version of the video. I was hoping the music added a bit of energy to the video.

    Looking forward to you sharing links, I like featuring lean healthcare design when I get the chance here.

  10. Mark Graban says

    Tim —

    Here is a revised version with lower background music volume. Better to do like this for next time?


    The left/right audio is something I’ll do better for the next video.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback.

  11. Dan Markovitz says

    Mark — love the week in review! Keep it up.

    (And next time, instead of wearing a NW jersey, I’d like to see you in your band outfit.)

  12. Mark Graban says

    Dan, can you see this picture linked to from facebook?


  13. Dan Markovitz says

    Mark, I can see the picture, but I assumed that the very good looking man in the photo couldn’t be you.

  14. Mark Graban says

    Ouch, respect for people, Dan…. :-)

  15. Dan Sculthorp says

    Great video Mark – clear, concise and informative – well done!
    I will be signing in a lot more often now!
    The 720p setting paused about every 20 secs then quickly restarted (even though I have a fast connection), but by simply lowering to 360p setting worked perfectly and still produced a high resolution.
    All the best from the UK!

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