Excellence, but not Spelling, through Passion

I had the TV news on and I found this commercial… if you can make out the text it reads:


D'oh!! That's quite a typo. As Google points out:

Yes, the voiceover said it correctly “… engine that delivers 405…”

But it was wrong on screen.

The Maserati slogan is “Excellence through Passion.”

Seems like more passion than excellence. And certainly more passion than quality. Makes one question their commitment to kwality? I guess I'm just jealous I can't afford a Maserati.

I emailed Maserati customer service online, asking or a comment and got a form letter response back that includes:

We would like to inform you that it has been our care to forward your message to our competent department.

That makes it sound like they have only one “competent” department?? Maybe part of their marketing and brand image is the use a delightfully broken Italian-English??

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  1. Andy Wagner says

    The Maserati Sloan?
    Or slogan?

  2. Mark Graban says

    Yes, I already fixed that defect!!

    It still has the typo in the RSS feed?

    I've never said I am perfect :-)

  3. Anonymous says

    CNN today spelled Lonely as "Lonley" on screen for about 10 seconds, but it was fixed the second time they teased the story.

  4. Janna Rust says

    Excellence in even the little things is important. Not that a typo on a TV newscast is small!

    Everything we do brands us in some way. One of my pet peeves is when people spell my name wrong, especially when they are in the people business. I suppose that brings the point home further. The little things matter.

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