Dan Jones / Lean Enterprise Academy Healthcare Summit 2009


Lean Enterprise Academy Events; Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit 2009

I'm fortunate that I'll be attending this July summit in London, run by Dan Jones and the UK-based Lean Enterprise Academy. If you're attending, be sure to let me know so we can meet up.

From their description:

Join us for a very different one-day conference where for the first time we will present a practical lean methodology for linking islands of improvement to realise the full potential of lean across a truly lean hospital. The result of three years’ action research the book Making Hospitals Work, will be launched at the Summit. It follows a top management team as they use the scientific method to redesign the key end-to-end patient journeys through their hospital. The results include eliminating unnecessary waits for patients, a drastic reduction in length of stay, no longer wasting staff time, freeing up emergency and elective capacity and slashing the overtime and agency burden. Focusing on the patient journey and effectively synchronising all the support activities also provides the essential context for delivering higher quality and safer care for patients.

Experienced healthcare leaders from the US and UK will join us to discuss the implications of the widespread adoption of the lean hospital.

Presenters include John Toussaint, of ThedaCare, David Fillingham, CEO of the Bolton NHS Hospital, and a number of healthcare practitioners from the UK and their National Health Service.

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  1. Mark Graban says

    You can now access the slides and video from the sessions at their website…


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