"Like Lean"? Drive Through Flu Shots


Vaccination available at hospital's drive-through – The Boston Globe

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? You might be able to find a “drive-through” way of getting that shot, if you're lucky. Some clinics are allowing patients to get their shot through their car window.

This isn't being called “Lean” but it might be “Like Lean”, where it exhibits some Lean concepts. This practice is particularly helpful for elderly patients who have trouble getting out of their car and back in without pain or discomfort. The flu shot is brought to them and reduces the “waste of transportation” of the patient.

Of course, if there's a long line, the cars might be idling, which creates another form of waste (fuel burned and possible pollutants).

But, I think the drive-through shots are a creative, patient-focused solution that avoids having to come inside and wait in the waiting room just to get a quick, fast “value added” shot. The shot only takes a few seconds, that's the “VA” time.

Or, if you're an auto exec, maybe you can stick your arm out the window of your private jet (and ask the government to give you a free flu shot).

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