“Factory” – A New Situation “Comedy”


Full Episode: Premiere Episode – SPIKE

I saw an ad for this the other day, I don't really have high expectations prior to watching it. Will a sitcom set in a factory be as clever as “The Office” or even “Gung Ho” or will it be full of blue-collar beer-swilling stereotypes?You can watch the episode online and judge for yourself. Be warned, it's a bit raunchy, if that bothers you. Unfunny bothers me more than raunchy.My notes from as I watched:

  • Opening scene: It's pretty rare to see CNC machines on TV. That's cool, I guess. Whoa, that's disturbing, seeing a manager/supervisor/engineer pulled into the machine by his tie – not overly graphic, compared to CSI…. but this is how the comedy begins? Anything that reinforces the “no ties around machines” message is OK, I guess…. but not the funniest thing ever. Maybe this is why TV shows aren't set in factories?
  • OK, halfway through the show now… still not too much humor. So I'll comment on it as if it's not a comedy. After the guy is killed, the big boss needs to replace him. He decides to have the main four characters of the show “vote” to decide who gets the job. I hope that sets up some comedy, since that's a pretty stupid way to go.

Final verdict — it's more a show about a bunch of guys than a show about a factory… and not very funny. Can't recommend it.

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