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I might not be able to blog much the next few days, so I'll pose this fun question. Has anyone heard of the Six Sigma winery, founded by a former GE executive?

What would a “Lean winery” look like, I wonder? Why can't we level load grape production throughout the year? That's a joke… :-)

I'm sure you could apply kaizen, waste reduction, and “respect for people” in a winery as much as any organization, be it a factory or a hospital.

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Update Feb 20, 2015: I had a chance to have a Six Sigma wine last night at the hotel that's hosting the Society for Health Systems Conference, which seemed appropriate.


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  1. Dean Bliss says

    Sounds like an opportunity for a field trip to me… :)

  2. Mark Graban says

    I saw a job posting a few years back for a VP of Supply Chain job for a large California winery. My wheels started spinning about what jobs I would need to have my career path end up there (I even looked into “beverage industry” experience at the local soda bottling plant), I just filed the idea away.

    I’d probably rather retire and have a small winery that focuses on quality rather than high volume, sort of like the six sigma guy might be doing.

    Oh, to have role models!!

    In my next visit to California, I’ll try to stop there and maybe I can do a podcast interview with him!

  3. says

    I blogged about this

  4. Anonymous says

    So who is going to drink a million bottles and find out if there are only 3 defects???

  5. […] know, there’s nobody who would say they are a “Lean winery” (although there is a Six Sigma Ranch and Winery that I blogged about before that does use that methodology, interestingly […]

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