LeanBlog Podcast #20 – Kevin Meyer, “Onshoring”


The LeanBlog Podcast is back with episode #20, our guest is Kevin Meyer, the founder of Superfactory Ventures, which can be found at Superfactory.com. You may know Kevin from his popular blog, Evolving Excellence. We'll be talking about a number of lean topics including his upcoming panel moderation at the Kellogg Manufacturing Business Conference, being held in Evanston IL in May.

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Show Notes and Approximate Time, Episode #20

  • 1:30 How Kevin got started with Lean
  • 3:00 About the Evolving Excellence Blog
  • 5:00 Blogging as a learning experience
  • 6:00 Kevin will be speaking at Northwestern University, moderating a panel discussion on in-sourcing on on-shoring at their Manufacturing Business Conference
  • 6:20 Companies that have been able to build manufacturing competencies in the U.S., rather than running overseas, looking at total cost, rather than just labor cost
  • 8:00 The conference is May 12, open to registration by the public (main conference page)
  • 8:15 A list of companies Kevin has talked about on the blog
  • 9:10 How can we spread the word and fight the perception that you can't do manufacturing here?
  • 9:45 Kevin's example of a custom ski manufacturer who imports very small quantities from China rather than doing it here
  • 10:30 Danaher as a good example of lean and U.S. competitiveness
  • 10:50 American Leather, building furniture here in Texas
  • 12:20 Kevin's example of Avery Dennison

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