Scapegoating Toyota?


Toyota fears U.S. backlash over gains  (Detroit Free Press article)

I tend to fall on the side of those who think the “Detroit Three” are indeed scapegoating Toyota and that Detroit's past and present horrible management mistakes are to blame, more so than any supposedly currency manipulation by “Japan Inc.”

At the risk of opening up a muda-filled debate, what do you think?

Toyota Motor Corp. is bracing for possible political and consumer backlash caused by its rapid U.S. growth, according to an internal report obtained by the Free Press.

People at Toyota need to quit leaving their computers unlocked. This is the second news story in a week about a report that was leaked/grabbed/stolen from the computer of Seiichi (Sean) Sudo, president of Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing in North America.

Think they're applying root cause problem solving to how/why the leaks happened and how to prevent them in the future? :-)

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