I’m Not Always Right…


I don't claim to always be right here on the Blog (or in general). Sometimes I throw ideas out there and I learn in the process. I've always said that I've learned a ton in the process of writing this blog (for almost two full years now) — sometimes from learning to articulate lean concepts and sometimes from blog readers.

Earlier I blogged about how Toyota might be dumping inventory with end of the year sales. The Wall St. Journal said luxury car makers were dumping inventory and I assumed Lexus was, as well.

As one blog reader pointed out, I might have been wrong. In fact, I think I was wrong. The WSJ pointed out that late December is usually a slow time of year for car sales. If Toyota believes in “heijunka” and level loading, they might be doing the right thing by promoting sales to help keep production level. Otherwise, if they didn't pump up sales, they WOULD be building up inventory or they'd have to shut down production lines.

Thanks to the blog readers who take issue with what I write… I appreciate the constructive comments. I hardly get anything that's not constructive, so thanks.

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  1. Dean Bliss says

    Mark, we know you’re not always right – but we appreciate your willingness to put your comments out there for discussion. That’s what these discussion groups and blogs are for. Keep up the good work, and don’t be afraid to be wrong – because you know we’ll be here to “correct” you. :)

  2. Mike Gardner says

    Mark, my old mentor used to say that we never knew if anyone was paying attention until someone disagreed with us. Keep it up. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. I was wrong six times before breakfast today, I’m sure.

  3. Mark Graban says

    Thanks guys. I know YOU know I’m not always right. Just wanted y’all to realize I know I’m not always right :-)

    corrections always welcome

  4. AWilhem says

    Good for you Mark,

    Reminded me of Jon’s post from a couple years ago on Gemba Keiei…“If you are wrong, admit it”


    A book worth buying:

  5. Anonymous says


    I think you are right about them shutting at least some of their lines down. I rarely get to KY, and as luck would have it, I am there next week. Of course, I tried to get on a tour but they told me the plant is shut down that week.

    This is a major bummer as I have always thought of TMMK as my “Mecca” in the US for Lean examples.

    My lean activities here are meeting with the typical cultural issues that no doubt face us all, and I was looking forward to getting into Toyota to “re-energize” me.

    Maybe next time…

    -Darrin Strosnider

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