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Here's an interesting article on how Chrysler will be selling its manufacturing equipment from the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant to a Russian manufacturer. This isn't the first deal of its kind, but it shows that Chrysler is being creative in looking for sources of cash and revenue. Also coupled to this deal is an agreement to supply engines.

The detailed terms of the deal were not disclosed, and those details mean everything in an arrangement like this. Taking the equipment out is usually a straight-forward demo project, but removing it, packing it and shipping it is a whole different set of activities.

I've been to this plant, so I'm not sure they can call it “high-quality manufacturing assets” and I'm not sure they can call the Stratus “popular.”

So, here's the question: what do you do with assets or materials that you no longer use or need? Do they sit around? Get thrown out? OR, turned into something useful?

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