Toyota to Increase "Build Where You Sell"


Chicago Tribune | Lafayette plant gets Toyota treatment

“While General Motors and Ford are closing plants to reduce excess production capacity, Toyota will detail plans to build more cars in the U.S. at an underutilized Subaru plant in Lafayette, Ind., on Monday.”

It's widely rumored to be increased Camry production, which means Toyota can produce all U.S. sold Camry's in the U.S.

It's too bad more manufacturers can't figure out how to economically produce products for the U.S. market here. Through lean, we can help!

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  1. B_Leonard says

    Isn’t it amazing to see how closely Toyota and other Japanese auto makers are following the Deming philosophy? Deming stated that you should work with and share knowledge with your competitors.

    Subaru and Toyota building automobiles in the same facility…this cooperation is not something you would see in U.S. companies. U.S. firms should adopt the philosophy that ‘perfection’ is our only true competitor.

  2. Mark Graban says

    I agree with you on Deming, but it isn’t so much a case of cooperation among competitors. Toyota bought a share in Subaru that GM sold off.

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