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I've linked to them before, but there are a couple of excellent posts on the Superfactory Evolving Excellence Blog. Check them out!

Thanks Cliff mentions the Travel Channel show “Made In America.” I agree, although the show is fluffy, its great to see inside great American factories like Harley Davidson and others.

Upgrading in the Desert discusses the rise and fall of a Weiser Lock plant and issues facing manufacturing in Tucson AZ.

The most hard-hitting comments come in regards to Delphi in this post “And You Thought Martha Was a Crook.”

There is a lot of good lean blogging going on right now, which is very exciting to see!

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1 Comment
  1. Kathleen Fasanella says

    I had not visited Evolving “excellence” blog before. I landed at a diatribe entitled “Jobs for Dummies” and frankly, I have never been more stunned by such unprofessional, reactionary partisanship in this milieu. I certainly won’t be recommending his blog as a worthwhile visit to my readers. Were Bill Waddell to have had any intellectual integrity whatsoever, his posting would not have descended into liberal bashing. If I wanted to read a reactionary right-wing political tirade, I’d visit Bubba.com. According to his logic, we have the conservatives of the world to thank for any form of human progression. As it is, I found very little of value to recommend the site; any material links end up at his for-profit site -and with the aforementioned invective- leading me to question the value of anything he has to offer. In sum, if the content of his argument bore the compelling weight of cogent argument, he need not have descended into gratuitous partisan slamming. His post was very unprofessional.

    Perhaps someone should remind Bill of two things; lean is not mean and Deming was a “liberal”.

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