“Lean Coffee” Topics for September 2014

Lean Coffee LogoAs I blogged about last month, “Lean Coffee” is becoming a quarterly event for healthcare professionals here in San Antonio.

We held a two-hour discussion this morning, with students, leaders, and Lean practitioners from a university MHA program and some local healthcare organizations.

There’s now a landing page that’s the permanent home for Lean Coffee, registration info, etc. — leanblog.org/coffee

Below is a picture that shows how our “kanban” board looked at the end of our discussion today (under headers of “To Discuss,” “Discussing,” and “Discussed”).

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lean coffee san antonio

Some of the topics included:

  • Growing your own Lean facilitators vs. hiring
  • How to shift from Lean projects to culture change?
  • How to improve leadership development?
  • How do you incentivize the daily review of metrics in departments?
  • What % of people would you expect to have “trained” in Lean by the end of year 3?
  • Should you spread solutions before metrics show improvements, when there is pressure to do so?
  • How do we prioritize what Lean projects to work on?

Many of these are fairly deep questions, but we had some good discussion, even with the 6 to 12 minute time limits that were decided on by the group (voting to stop the discussion or continue after 6 minutes).

On the question of daily metrics review, there was a lot of good discussion about asking why that’s not being done, rather than thinking of incentives. Do people find a daily review to be unhelpful or not a good use of time? How can we help people get better at using the metrics review to drive problem solving and things that would be helpful?

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Another interesting question that came up during the discussion was “What does it mean for a CEO to ‘support’ Lean?” Can the CEO just talk about Lean or are they getting directly involved?

What questions would you bring up at a gathering of your peers and colleagues? Maybe you can run your own “Lean Coffee” in your city or organization. Let me know if you do!



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