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Ivan Zakharenkov, DVM on Using Lean to Address Burnout in Veterinary...

Scroll down for video, how to subscribe, and more My guest for Episode #406 is Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov, he's a doctor of veterinary medicine and...

Kaizen in Veterinary Medicine: Addressing Concerns & Championing Continuous Improvement

I was honored to have an opportunity to present with my friend Chip Ponsford, DVM at the Veterinary Leadership Conference that was held this...

A New In-Progress Book by a Friend: #Lean Veterinary Practice Management

So what's the new book and cover pictured here? This is the book being finished by my friend Chip Ponsford, III, DVM. Yes, DVM stands for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. "Lean Veterinary Practice Management: Higher Quality, Less Waste, Greater Staff Engagement and Continuous Improvement."

From Pets to Vets: Applying Lean in Unexpected Places [Podcast Preview...

I played host for a recent webinar that we're hosting on Monday, May 7, featuring a presentation by my friend Chip Ponsford, III, DVM (pictured at left), a veterinarian who has become quite a strong Lean advocate in recent years.  We've taught Lean together at a Veterinary Medicine conference (as I blogged about here) and I've been collaborating with Chip on his LeanVets.com blog.

Transcript from our “Lean Vets” Podcast

Here's the transcript from the recent podcast that Chip Ponsford, DVM (of the LeanVets.com blog) and I did with Samantha Parrett, the Director of Business &...

Podcast #254 – Lean in Veterinary Medicine

Episode #254 is interesting to me for a number of reasons. For one, I have a "guest co-host" joining me for the first time. He's...

Early Days of Lean in Veterinary Medicine?

Last Friday morning, I partnered with Chip Ponsford, DVM, a doctor of veterinary medicine, to give an introductory Lean continuing education presentation at the annual conference of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association.