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The Catch-22 of Lean & Kaizen: You Get More ROI by...

This post builds off of a little rant I went on over on LinkedIn. I wrote: The Catch-22 of "Lean" training and "implementation"... Executives want big returns and high ROI. That's understandable. But, at the core of Lean, if you're going to call it that, is "#Kaizen," which means allowing everybody to do small improvements even if there isn't big ROI.

The “Gold Prize” Kaizen QC Project Saved How Much?

Yesterday, our tour group had a chance to visit an outstanding factory. They manufacture gas meters and they do everything from casting aluminum, creating...

From the LEI Summit: Mike Rother on Toyota’s View on ROI

I really had a great learning experience at last week's LEI Lean Transformation Summit that was held here in Dallas. The event sold out...