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Mistakes Aren’t Only Made by ‘Rookies’

This Snickers commercial always makes me chuckle, and I saw it again last night during an NFL playoff game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztKufG63o00&ab_channel=SNICKERS The punchline is that this stadium...

2018 Lean Healthcare Draft – Mock Draft Projections and Exclusive Fake...

Tonight is the start of the NFL Draft, which almost gets as much coverage nowadays as a Presidential election. Can you imagine if CNBC and other TV channels spent as much time focusing on which Lean Healthcare prospects would be "drafted" from our leading universities and medical schools? Here is our exclusive and official Lean Blog mock draft, featuring picks from our Lean Healthcare draft expert, Mel Kaizen, Jr.

Guest Post: An Exciting Innovation and MVP – The “Uber Sensei”...

Dr. Les Muda here... I’ve been working Uber to help them to disrupt another stale industry… not just taxi drivers, but Lean Sensei (or is it “senseis?”). Check out my planned app.

[April Fool] Coming Soon – 4th Revised Edition of “Lean Hospitals”

It's time for another new, revised edition of my book! The 4th edition is the fastest new edition yet, since the world is changing quickly and increasingly uncertain. Hospitals need to react now! Do something! Cut costs! Reduce costs! Slash costs!