Get “The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen” for Just $16 (Paperback or Hardcover)


There's currently quite the discount available on Amazon at the moment for my book (co-authored with Joe Swartz) titled The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen: Leadership for a Continuously Learning and Improving Organization.

The paperback is 50% off, available brand new (not a used copy) directly from Amazon (eligible for Amazon Prime shipping) at $16.32.

The hardcover, normally $210 (yikes, don't blame me for that pricing — that's my publisher's decision) is 92% off — even cheaper than the paperback — at $16.22. The hardcover is really durable, of course. I actually ordered a copy of it for my own collection.

Supplies might be limited. Learn more about the book at our website.

Facebook actually reminds me that it was eight years ago today that Joe and I received our Shingo Prize for the original full Healthcare Kaizen book that the Executive Guide is based on.

The book is highly rated:

A 4-star review:

The Kaizen approach to looking at continuous improvement in healthcare delivery is well-documented by the authors. I would have appreciated a direct comparison with other evaluation methods, including Six Sigma. The price is reasonable, and this should help encourage others to read and review it as well.

A 5-star review:

Excellent book with practical examples and implementation suggestions. Easy to read and share with staff. Have already started some projects.

I hope you like the book — or maybe you can gift it to one of your senior leaders as a way of sparking or strengthening your culture of continuous improvement.

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