Lean Coach Brian Buck’s Favorite Mistake


My friend Brian Buck is the most recent guest on the “My Favorite Mistake” podcast series, Episode 112:

Coach Brian Buck's Darkest Moment in a Workplace Turned Toxic

In today's episode, Brian shares his “favorite mistake” story about waiting too long to address being in a good workplace that turned toxic. Why was this his “darkest moment”? Why was this all a “never again moment” for Brian?

Have you stuck with a job in a toxic work environment too long?

I was interviewed yesterday on the Laura Coates Show (SiriusXM) about mistakes people make when quitting a job (and we talked about My Favorite Mistake). I've quit jobs before for different reasons — General Motors, Dell, Factory Logic (a software company), Honeywell, J&J, and the Lean Enterprise Institute. I haven't quit a job in over a decade.

But, there's the mistake of quitting and, sometimes, the mistake of NOT quitting.

When I joined General Motors in 1995, I was quite miserable. It was a bad environment. But, had I bailed and quit after a year, I wouldn't have had the turnaround experience of working under a NUMMI-trained plant manager.

Sometimes I wish I had stuck with the new regime for another year. Had I tried to defer my MIT education to start in 1998 instead of 1997, I would have had another year under great leadership, to see (and participate in) more of the Lean turnaround that was taking place. But, all things happen for a reason. I'm glad I didn't quit too soon… but maybe I did quit a year too soon. Oh well, I don't lose sleep over that.

Sometimes, an environment is so bad, you really do have to just leave.

You can listen to or watch Brian's episode below. You can also read a transcript and more on the episode's page.

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I hope you'll check them out. If you have a “favorite mistake” story you'd like to share, let me know.

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