Happy Labor Day! Blog Holiday and Posts on Creating Better Workplaces


This is reposted from the past few years, here are a few past blog posts on the theme of Labor Day and it's hopefully a helpful reminder to focus on safety and our obligation to employees.

Let's keep up our work that aims to create better workplaces for all… the Covid-19 pandemic makes clear that we should respect and honor those who work essential jobs — everybody deserves health, safe working conditions, and being treated properly…

This year, I've worked to be much more patient and understanding about bad service or mistakes that get made. It's almost always a matter of “bad systems” or understaffing due to the pandemic. Everybody is adjusting to new ways of doing work, so perhaps we should be mindful of that…

But here are some posts that I have re-shared from previous years:

Hope you had a great weekend!

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