“My Favorite Mistake” Episode #25: Val Ries on Learning From Her First Leadership Role


I'm excited that Episode #25 of my new podcast “My Favorite Mistake” is now released!

Note: I'm going to stop cross-posting all of the episodes here to LeanBlog.org. I'll post about the podcast if there is a guest from the Lean community. To make sure you learn about all future episodes, click here to learn how to subscribe and be notified.

You can listen to it (or watch it or read a podcast) via my MarkGraban.com website:

Episode #25: Val Ries, Learning From Leadership Mistakes as Sorority President

Joining me for Episode #25 is Val Ries, a leadership trainer (via her firm Executive Muse) and author of the upcoming 2021 book, Chief Inspiration Officer.

Val candidly shares her experiences, pain, and lessons learned from being president of her sorority in college. I appreciate all of my guests sharing their mistakes and reflections, as that sets a great example from others.

Val also distills what she has learned, from leadership roles in corporate settings, into a framework of what employees want, using the acronym “CRAVE.” You can learn about that in the episode.

Thanks for listening and/or watching! Well, this time, it's just listening, due to a mistake I made with Zoom…

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