What Step Are You Taking to Eliminate #RootCauseRacism?


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As we talked about in today's Sharing Our Visions and Voices on #RootCauseRacism webinar/panel discussion, taking a step, no matter what size, to eliminate systemic racism is extremely important.

Every step you take, whether it's your first, or one of many you've taken along the journey, creates a better world, and gives you the courage and confidence to go even further!

Note: If you missed the webinar, a recording will be available.

So. we have a favor to ask you:

We'd love to hear about your steps! They'll both inspire us and give others great ideas that they can do to! In the comments section below, please write a step you've taken to eliminate system racism. As a thank you'll receive a personalized, signed print of Karyn Ross's drawing ‘My Vision of a World Without Systemic Racism', pictured above!

Working together, step-by-step, we can eliminate systemic racism.

We can't wait to hear what steps you are taking!

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Karyn Ross
Karyn is on a mission to Help People Improve the World. An artist, internationally acclaimed speaker, award-winning author, consultant, coach and lean practitioner, Karyn travels the globe teaching people how to combine creativity, lean and kindness to make a better world. As well as being the owner of KRC (Karyn Ross Consulting), Karyn is the Founder and President of the Love and Kindness Project Foundation, a registered public charity fostering projects that spread love and kindness in the world, and Founding Mother of Women in Lean – Our Table. Karyn has published five books: How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence: A Lean Coaching Workbook, the Shingo-award winning The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations, I’ll Keep You Posted: 102 of My Reflections to Help You Start – and Deepen – Your Own Active Reflection Process, Think Kindly – Speak Kindly – Act Kindly: 366 Easy and Free Ideas You Can Use to Create a Kinder World…Starting Today, and Big Karma and Little Kosmo Help Each Other. Proceeds from all book go directly to The Love and Kindness Project Foundation. When not traveling, Karyn spends time designing and sewing her own clothes! Follow Karyn on LinkedIn for a daily inspirational post about creativity, kindness and/or lean.


  1. I am an Asian Indian women married to an African American born man. Our home has constant conversations of mixed cultures and the preconceived biases. We are having conversations and focusing on bringing knowledge to any and all interactions to increase understanding and advocating justice for all.

    Our stories including personal experiences allows people to relate to us! one conversation at a time.

  2. Ritu! So nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your steps. Please email me your mailing address at karyn@karynrossconsulting and I’ll send you your signed drawing! Thank you for working towards a world of #ZeroRacism, one conversation at a time!

  3. I plan to have a brainstorming and coaching session with my Kata coaches to identify my next Target Condition on the path to my challenge to create a world without racism. In other words, I will be working on #RootCauseRacism 2.0!!! 💚❤✊🏾✊🏻😊

  4. Karyn, Deondra, and all the wonderful ladies of Women on Lean what a great idea this is!

    My action step is to to post a podcast my friend Dustin and I have been working on since last year. It will be called “Two Mics: Black and White”. Dustin is a black man and I am a white man married to an African American women with three beautiful kids.
    Dustin and I had a vision last year of having conversations with other black man in various walks of life and asking about their experience in a world that sees them as dangerous…the purpose of these conversations is to help inform the general public about these misconceptions and also to help a white father of a young black boy to be informed about how I can support my son.
    We have a handful of interviews that we recorded that we never produced, that just this last week talked about reviving and getting back on and getting posted ..so this is a great place to jump start that again and have some accountability on.

  5. The webinar yesterday was so inspiring. It was especially helpful to hear voices from such a wide variety of experiences and industries. The blog series has been informative as well with information I plan to share with both my friends and colleagues alike. My next step is to invite leaders at my organization to join a book club focused on learning more about systemic racism. The goal is to not only expose people to information who are in a position to effect change, but also to facilitate discussion on what is often a difficult subject. By making a space for learning and growing, I hope the book club is just the beginning of helping my organization to become an anti-racist organization.

  6. Thank you so much for a wonderful webinar/panel discussion yesterday. For those of you that may not have had a chance to participate “live” I highly recommend viewing the recording when it becomes available. I plan to share it widely. The insights from this panel as well as the blog entries from these talented and thoughtful individuals provides those ready for action with plenty of opportunity for learning and growth.

    As a white woman of privilege*, a step that I have taken to eliminate system racism is to acknowledge that systemic racism exists – I SEE you, I HEAR you. From here I can commit to expand my knowledge and to learn about systemic racism in the historic sense so that I can have a better grasp the current situation.

    One of the most powerful tools that has helped me in these first steps is an incredible podcast series from Scene on Radio entitled “Seeing White”: https://www.sceneonradio.org/seeing-white/
    Every episode in the 14 session series taught me something new and was conducive to both self-reflection and valuable discussions with my learning partner. I highly recommend it.

    Mark Graban, thank you for sharing your cyber space to give voice to this important topic and, to the panelists, thank you for the work that you do and for taking a risk and sharing your stories.

    *white privilege – the societal privilege that benefits white people over non-white people

  7. Here are some steps I plan to take:

    1) Continuing the conversation with Deondra and others… my goal is to continue listening in an attempt to understand the real reality of the current state of life for people of color.

    2) I will continue amplifying the voices of Deondra and others — to use my network and online platforms to share their voices on topics of race and our professional domain of Lean and continuous improvement

    3) I will continue to be more cognizant of making sure my podcasts and webinars have guests / participants that accurately reflect the diversity of my audience on dimensions of not just race, but gender, nationality, and other distinguishing characteristics — to accomplish this, I will continue to actively expand the diversity of my network…

    4) Following Karyn Ross’s lead, I will do my best to choose being kind over other reactions or instincts

    Baby steps… continuous improvement… big hairy audacious goals (adding “Zero Racism” to my passion of “Zero Harm”)…

  8. My next step is to create more opportunities for dialogue and encourage taking tangible small steps towards.
    Concretely, I am on my way to set up more “Kata Coaching Teams towards #zeroracism“ within my organization.

  9. Thank you for the powerful webinar! Earlier this summer, I joined a local group focused on change in my community and local school system (Brownsburg Moms for Racial Acceptance, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). The group is already making headway in changes to school system diversity and equity policies and training. Until now, I’ve been a member but not gotten involved. My small step is to get off the sidelines and actively volunteer to help with the programs and projects aimed to change my community. Bonus step- I just posted the link to the webinar recording on that group’s Facebook page as well.

  10. Creating helping circle in my community to being together families are o have conversations and take creative action against racism in our area. #chalkuplove is back to set up our downtown sidewalks. And community art gatherings being planned to bring together love!

  11. Wonderful, small steps. Definitely something I’ve wrestled with at the intersection of improvement & equity. Especially when the pull of the audacious goal feels so strong. My impatient side struggles with incrementalism, when what we need is radical change – and yet, my rational side recognizes that small steps can unleash the momentum for faster change.


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