Operational Excellence Mixtape: March 27, 2020


Dear Readers,

Covid-19 has disrupted the world.  We have been thrust into a situation where we are required to rapidly adapt and innovate, and the stakes have never been higher.  Lean principles of continuous improvement and respect for people are more relevant than ever, and we all have a duty to help each other during these times.  

News coverage has been extensive and often overwhelming, so, here, I simply share a few stories of how some folks and organizations are using lean thinking to help cope with these challenging conditions.

How Virginia Mason is using Lean to help respond to the crisis.

Car makers and Formula 1 teams are re-purposing production capabilities to make medical equipment and personal protective equipment for the crisis.  

A Portland manufacturer uses lean principles to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission at work

Need for ventilators and supplies is mobilizing innovation.   

Michale Balle describes How Lean Can Help in a Crisis.

David Verble reminds leaders that now is the time to trust improvement leaders to help.

Hospitals need more than written protocols for Covid-19 preparedness.

Hospital elevator buttons are dirty.  Many are using the ‘toothpick' hack to avoid touching elevator buttons

Help others stay healthy, safe, and connected,

Ryan McCormack

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Ryan is an operational excellence professional with over 18 years experience practicing continuous improvement in healthcare, insurance, food manufacturing, and aerospace. He is an avid student of the application of Lean principles in work and life to create measurably better value.

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