Let’s Do a Virtual Book Club on “Measures of Success”


Being in work from home mode, I alternate from thinking and writing about the current crisis and trying to figure out how to be helpful to people remotely.

One idea is that I'd like to facilitate an online book study group on my book Measures of Success. It's been a long time since I've run a book club and I'm looking for somebody to partner up with me on this.

EDIT: My friend and former colleague from Catalysis, Nancy Gurnee, has volunteered to facilitate. I'm excited because she's great and she's knowledgable on this topic as well!

If you'd like to help structure and facilitate the book club, I'll certainly participate fully in the discussions and will help with the prep and organization. During the sessions, I'd like to focus on the content if you can focus on the facilitation. I'll set up the tech infrastructure and take care of getting people registered.

I still need to figure out what the “right sized” group is. I might charge a nominal fee — which I will then match and donate to a charity — to help avoid the no-show problem.

Please send a message via the contact form if you're interested in joining the book club!

If you have questions or might want some 1×1 coaching on the Measures of Success topics and practices, you can also contact me. Maybe we can schedule time for a web meeting or I can answer you question via email.

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  1. Kris Hallan says

    FYI – I wrote a LinkedIn article on administering virtual bookclubs right now:


    Check it out.

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