“Healthcare Kaizen” Now Available for All Kindle Devices & Apps!


I'm happy to announce that our new book  Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements is now available for immediate download in the Amazon Kindle format  at a price of ($47.96, about $10 less than the paperback).

With all of the full-color photos, this book might work best as a paperback. But, a lot of you have asked about Kindle availability. This book will probably look best on color Kindle devices or apps – iPad, Kindle Fire, Mac, or PC. One surprise was that I thought the book was not going to be available for the older “e-Ink” Kindle readers, but it does, in fact, work on those devices (I tested it on my Fire, see left, and my older Kindle 2).

I downloaded the book on my Kindle Fire. When images, like the Kaizen examples appear, you can zoom in on them and even rotate the device to view most of them pretty well, it seems, based on these two photos, the first of an in-line image and the second showing how it looks when you zoom and rotate:


The figures aren't nearly as dynamic on the e-Ink reader… but mainly readable (the few A3s are a bit iffy on either device, since they are already shrunk down from 11×17, but I'd guess 95% of the figures are very readable in any Kindle format). From the Kindle 2:

Here's how it looks in the Mac Kindle App (and would be similar in Windows):

If you buy the Kindle version, I hope you like the portability and that the book serves your needs and improvement efforts!

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  1. Walter Reade says

    Any plans to have a rental option, like Lean Hospitals?

    1. Mark Graban says

      Not sure… that’s up to Amazon. Did you use that option with “Lean Hospitals” on Kindle?

      There *is* a rentable e-book version available from the publisher, $26 for 180 days:


      I have never heard of that format. My editor is going to send me a copy soon so I can check it out… I believe it’s just viewable on a computer, but supposedly you can highlight, etc.

  2. Walter Reade says

    Lean Hospitals is on my short list to read next. If I can’t find someone to buy it for me, I will do the rental option.

    I’ve never heard of the VitalBook format either. But, quite frankly, there’s no way I’m installing any more DRM software on my PC than I have to. (Kindle is the only exception).

    I have the Kindle DX. If I end up getting either one of the books in that format, I’ll give you feedback on how it looks on that device.

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