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I always like to give a brief shout out to new sponsors when I have them. I have a brand new sponsor, starting out for the next two months, in a company that will be relevant to a Lean audience – they are Creative Safety Supply. They are running two ads in the right hand column of the blog and they are going to be sponsoring an upcoming Podcast episode, as well.

From their website:

Creative Safety Supply was built to bring you a fresh new look and modern way of doing business.   We will continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. We know that high quality products can make your life a lot easier. We carry the best floor marking products in the industry along with the latest 5S, 6S, visual workplace, lean manufacturing, and ergonomic products to make your facility operate as smooth as possible.  

Please check out what they have to offer and tell them Lean Blog sent ya!

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  1. Venkatesh says

    Horrible misinformation about lean http://www.creativesafetysupply.com/lean-training/

    They are describing lean as a tool with a toolbox image in their lean training website.

    The website says ” In its most basic form, Lean is a “toolbox” that contains a complete set of tools to help a company incrementally reduce waste and help it run more efficiently”.

    1. Mark Graban says

      In the range of Lean misinformation, this isn’t as bad as when people say things like “Lean is a part of the Six Sigma methodology” or “Lean is only about efficiency; you need Six Sigma for quality.”

      That said, you’re right that Lean is about more than tools. I describe it as a process improvement methodology and a management system – it’s a culture and a style of leadership. The Lean movement has been trying to leave the “tools age” behind. Tools have their place, but only are really successful in the right culture and environment. That’s what Lean is to me – that culture where everybody can collaborate to provide the most value to our customers.

  2. Ben Geck says

    Venkatesh – I appreciate the feedback on the site you are correct this page needs work. It was created a while ago and was not done great we actually have it on the schedule to be updated.

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