A Lean and Green Survey from the UK


One of my colleagues from across the Pond,  James Marsh at  Sheffield Hallam University, is currently researching his PhD exploring  Lean Six Sigma  and its environmental benefits and/or tradeoffs. For his thesis, James is  analyzing the key differences among different  industry sectors  and departmental functions, and he would like to connect with the widest cross-section of  global companies  possible – the more data, the better for his research project.

James created  a survey for users of Lean and/or  Six Sigma. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete and it is completely anonymous. Please participate and also feel free to pass on to colleagues, contacts or friends who are active members of the Lean and/or Six Sigma community.  I appreciate your  help;  please follow the link below:


Lean and Green, the wave of the future.  And that's the way I see it.    Adam Zak

Note from Mark: If you don't know Adam, check out his new video Lean Blogger profile at YouTube

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