College Colors Day


Keeping things a bit off topic and relaxed for a holiday weekend in the U.S., today is “College Colors” day. In hindsight, the picture at left probably isn't what they meant… but that's a picture from about 1993 of me at Northwestern University in the Marching Band. No, I don't have that grimy uniform to wear today, so I'm wearing a purple “Wildcats” polo shirt instead.

At first, I thought this was a fund raiser like “blue jeans day” in some organizations, where you make a donation for the opportunity to dress casually. It's more of a promotion for college athletics and the companies that make athletic apparel, oh well. From the site:

College Colors Day strives to promote higher education in the United States through increased public awareness and celebrates the achievements of colleges and universities, acknowledging their critical and fundamental importance.

Well, either way, I'm excited about the start of college football season. Even more so, I'm proud of the student-athletes at Northwestern who work as hard as they do, both on AND off the field.

Are you wearing college colors today? Either way, what college are your colors from?

Back to regular blogging on Monday.


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  1. Sun Star says

    I bleed black and gold… go Purdue

  2. Anonymous says

    Mark, you are a lean geek AND a band nerd???? :-)

  3. Jamie Flinchbaugh says

    Brown and white – Go Lehigh!

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