Mark’s New Role with the Lean Enterprise Institute


Dear Blog Readers-

I hope you all had a relaxing and fun Memorial Day weekend (at least for the U.S. readers).

I've always kept this blog pretty separate from my ‘day job' as a lean healthcare consultant, a role I've been in since August 2005. But many of you know I've worked for ValuMetrix Services, which is a consulting group that is a part of Johnson & Johnson, a group that does work for hospitals. I've really enjoyed working for them and I am appreciative for every opportunity they have provided (including my initial break into lean healthcare).

That said, my wife and I have an amazing opportunity where she is being sent to Boston to study for 12 months.

In conjunction with that, I am going to start working for the Lean Enterprise Institute as a “Senior Fellow.” My focus will continue to be on lean healthcare, helping the LEI expand their training, education, and lean promotion efforts in that arena. Stay tuned for more details about that work.

This blog will continue, under this same heading. Nothing will really change in this regards in terms of the blog and podcasting.

As always, I want to thank you, the blog readers and podcast listeners for your participation in my little lean community here. I am fortunate to learn from my readers, between your emails and blog post comments.

I'm looking forward to continuing the Lean Blog, but also looking forward to interacting with many of you in my new role with the LEI.


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  1. Tom Southworth says


    Congratulations to both of you and welcome back to the Northeast. Perhaps I’ll run in to you one at some point over the next year.

    Just don’t become a Red Sox/Patriots fan…stay away from that Kool-Aid!


  2. Dean Bliss says

    Congrats, Mark. What a great opportunity to promote Lean in healthcare! We look forward to working with you in this new role.

  3. MikeNZ says

    Good on ya Mark!
    This will certainly give you lots of scope to expand your knowledge as well as contribute to the global lean community from the most renown organisation providing thought leadership on this stuff.

    Look forward to continuing hearing from you in a variety of guises.


  4. Peter P Patterson, MD MBA says

    Congratulations Mark. It is my understanding that your wife is doing something like a “mid-career” MBA at MIT . Yayyy!
    Looking forward to continuing to work with you in your expanded role in Lean healthcare.
    /Dr. Pete

  5. Mike T. says


    Great to hear! Keep pushing forward. LEI will benefit greatly from what you can bring to the table.

    Nice to see you stirring the pot on a few online Lean forums as well :)

  6. Liz Guthridge, The Lean Communicator says

    What great news! You’re going to be a super addition to a great organization! Looking forward to experiencing all the great output from your collaboration.

  7. Dan Markovitz says

    Congratulations Mark! Great to have you north of the Mason-Dixon line! (And looking forward to seeing you at an LEI event.)

  8. Anonymous says


    Great that you’ll be here in the Northeast.

    I’ve often said that Vermont is the opposite of Texas. You’ll have to visit for yourself, and perhaps take in a little TWI while you’re here!!

    All the best!

  9. Jeff Fuchs says

    Great running into you at the Shingo Conference, Mark. Congrats on the new role. My wife and I met in Boston and loved it. I'm sure you and your family will, as well.

    Go, Red Sawx!

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