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Dear Lean Blog readers (and Lean Hospitals book readers):

A number of you have asked about getting autographed copies of my book, which I really appreciate.

I've figured out a plan — a few ways to do this, both of which will benefit the Josie King Foundation for patient safety and medical error prevention.

Autographed Labels

If you already have a book or plan on purchasing one on your own, I can send you an autographed label that can be stuck on the title page. This seems much more “Lean” than asking you to mail me your book (and having to mail it back with an autograph).

Since the costs of doing this are minimal, I'll just ask for a donation to be made, online, to the Josie King Foundation. I'll do this on an honor system basis, with a minimum donation of $10, please. To do this, please email me using the link in the left hand column of this blog or at mark (at) leanhospitalsbook (dotcom). Please put “Book Label” as the subject line of your email.

Or, you can use this PayPal “donate” button, below, and I will pass along the $10 (minus a small PayPal administrative fee that will be charged to me) to the Josie King Foundation. Note, donating via this method will NOT be tax deductible.

Autographed Books

If you would like me to ship an autographed book directly to you, the cost is $55 ($10 above the cover price of the book). Everything above and beyond my costs (for the book and USPS shipping) will be donated 100% to the Josie King Foundation. Please be sure to include full shipping information and any special requests for how you would like it autographed (you will be prompted to do this on the PayPal page). Or, email me if you'd rather send a check.

If you have any questions, please email me or post a comment. I'll provide a full accounting of the costs and donations here on the Lean Blog.

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  1. Mark Graban says

    This effort has generated $150 so far, see here:


  2. Mark Graban says

    Thanks to Mary S. who just donated another $150 to the Josie King Foundation…

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