New Lean Hospitals Book Update — Shipping Soon?


Updated 7/29: Click here


Updated 7/28: The book now shows as “In Stock” at and says it will be “in stock on August 16.” Thanks for your patience. I've been just as antsy as anybody, since I don't even have a copy in hand yet, myself.


Original Post 7/21:

Thanks to those of you who have pre-ordered my book. Some of you have asked since Amazon lists the release date as today, July 21. Amazon also still shows the book as on “pre-order.”

I do know, from the publisher, that the books have been printed. I haven't been able to hold a copy in hand yet and I'm not exactly sure when they are going to start shipping. Hopefully this week. If I get any official confirmation, I'll post it here. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, I hope you've downloaded Chapter 1. There is already one reader question that came in, I posted a bit of clarification on my message board, in the section for Chapter 1. Feel free to post any other comments or questions there or in the comments here, our “virtual book club” of sorts.

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  1. Anonymous says

    You are #13 under “healthcare administration books” on amazon – way to go!

  2. andrewmc says

    You starting your international book tour any time soon?


    Good job. Did you get a chance to arrange a meeting with John Seddon whilst you are here?

  3. Mark Graban says

    Hey Andrew – I did notice the book is on I’ll autograph your copy next time I’m over there.

    Been exchanging messages with Seddon’s assistant, hoping to meet up or at least do a podcast sometime.

  4. Bob Yokl says


    Are you or your publisher considering releasing your book for Kindle or eReader formats for those of us trying to eliminate books sitting around on shelves after we read them once or twice? I just got a Kindle and is really a great thing and my wife likes it because it meets her requirement of not having books pile up on shelves any longer.

    Just asking and this is not a deal breaker whether I order your book or not just want to see if that is in any of your plans.


    Bob Yokl

  5. Mark Graban says

    Bob – I’ve asked my publisher about this before and haven’t gotten an affirmative answer back. I’ll ask again. I’m guessing that e-Book options won’t be available for the time being.

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