Sorry If I’m Complain-ey


I'm going to have some more positive posts in the coming days. Recently, Lee Fried, at the DailyKaizen blog, thought he was being negative, and I'm starting to think I've been the same way lately. I go through phases like that from time to time here on the blog, and sometimes readers call me out on it (but not this time). I think I tend to be complain-ey here on the blog when things in day-to-day life are going great, which they have been. When things are a struggle in the “real world,” I tend to write positive posts to try to cheer myself up I guess. Ok, enough public introspection.

Among other things, I'm going to have an excellent guest post about executives walking the Gemba. Monday morning, I'm going to release my outstanding conversation with Dr. Sami Bahri, the “World's First Lean Dentist.” Listening to him will get you incredibly fired up about Lean, trust me.

As for the negativity… I'm just as positive about Lean as ever. I'm a raging idealist and perfectionist (aren't most Lean people?), so it frustrates me to see non-Lean behavior all around us in the world. Sometimes you have to just stop looking for it. When people suboptimize, blame others, game the system, use poisonous paint in children's toys, or short change basic and necessary preventative maintenance (as in the case of our country's poorly rated, but ‘trust us, they're safe' bridges), it can be a bit overwhelming. So, if I'm harping on stuff like that too much lately, I apologize. My heart goes out to the victims of the collapse in Minnesota and to those communities.

I've had a productive and encouraging Lean week. I hope you've had the same and that your Lean work is rewarding and impactful. Who has a positive story to share about their Lean work this week? Click comments to share with us…

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