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The magazine “Manufacturing Business Technology” (from Reed Publications) is launching their new website today. I'd invite you check them out at

For their new site, MBT asked me to contribute content on Lean Manufacturing, which I'm happy to do on my new blog for MBT. Other than a few introductory posts, content will be re-published from this blog, so if you're a regular reader, there's no need to track me on both blogs. The MBT blog will only be published Mon, Wed, and Fri and will focus strictly on manufacturing content. I would, however, invite you to check out their website and their other content from MBT and their network of publications.

I'm not really a Star Trek fan at all, but I guess the title of the blog is OK, “Get Lean and Prosper.” It's a better title than “Get Lean for Lean's Sake” or “Get Lean to Win Awards.” At least we're focused on prospering and long-term business success, since that's really what Lean is about. Lean is not about implementing tools for the sake of implementing tools (like 5S, kanban, etc.) Since Lean is a continuous journey and our goal is perfection, we can't really ever reach that perfection or a state of “Being Lean” or getting to that end state of Lean. But, the editors like the title, so there it is. What do I know about titles, anyway? Look how creative I was with the title of this Lean Blog, ha ha.

Anyway, I hope it will be good additional exposure for Lean and for this community. There are links to help drive people to this blog for additional content and comments.

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