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    This was already announced, so maybe his retirement has just now taken effect, Gary Convis, the former leader of the Toyota Georgetown plant (TMMK):

    “Gary really knows how to listen,” Steve St. Angelo, Georgetown plant president, said, in an in-house newsletter. “He absorbs facts and details, and I will miss having him as a mentor. However, even after his retirement, he will continue with Toyota as an executive adviser, so I'm sure we'll stay in touch.”

    St. Angelo said Convis' management style was a perfect fit for the Toyota plant.

    “Gary leads people the way Toyota manages business,” he said. “He empowers them to do better and he displays a genuine respect for the work they do.”

    For more on Convis, click the “Convis” link below. I'm trying, through a contact, to get him on a LeanBlog Podcast, but we'll have to wait and see….

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    1. Hi Mark,

      Would be great to get an interview with Gary, I for one always appreciate the “frontline” perspective and given his role over the years could be a perfect person to speak from a senior management perspective about how this should be led.

      I think quotes from him in Jeff’s Liker’s work add credibility to the research so hope you succeed in making this happen.

      Thanks in advance,


    2. I’m doing a case study for my college class “Modern Management” on “Toyota’s Dirve For Global Leadership”. TSP definitely plays a big role in this. One of the questions is:
      Do you think position power, task structure, or leader-member relations was the most important aspect of Gary Convis’s leadership at the Georgetown Plant?


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