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Thanks again for trying our “5 Whys” Survey. I hope you'll come back to the Lean Blog and our community here. If you left your email address, you will be entered in the drawing for the prizes listed below. You'll also receive the survey results via email. If you want to go back and enter your email, you should be able to follow the “back” link or go back to the survey here.

This list will hopefully grow, but here are the prizes that have been offered by our sponsors so far. Winners will be selected randomly when the survey is completed.

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  1. Ralf says

    Hi Mark,

    great job:-))

    I hope some managers will step over this survey or even do it themselves.

    It will be a -small- step on the long journey to LEAN that is not just the typical lean tools (5S, Kanban, Poka-Yoke, etc.) but a change in culture and general settings in companies around the globe.

    Still in great hope, that the present situation will change for the good (at least at quite a number of businesses).



  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Mark

    great survey!

    Gave me some time to think about it in a more structure way.

    I am really looking forward to get the results!


  3. Anonymous says

    Likewise, thanks for the lunchtime reflection session Mark, very helpful, even though we are in the midst of doing just this exercise this helped me step up to another level and consider how we got ourselves into this pickle.

    It is a heck of lot easier to “start Lean” , that it is to really make it become how we think and do things.

    Kind regards,


  4. Mike T says

    I can’t wait to see a summary sheet from this exercise. I would love to see all of us participate in a “5-why’s” on the main one or two items noted, only on a why-by-why basis so each could see the others’ thoughts and comments before progressing. It would be like taking the best of the best for each why and moving forward.

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