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New book building on TQM: Breakthrough Management

There is a new book on TQM available. I have not bought the book yet but my assumption is that it builds on TQM. To me, the link between TQM and lean is pretty clear. I would suggest that lean is either an expansion upon TQM or the combination of TQM with other tools and ideas. Either way you look at it, they are connected. To me, the main reason TQM failed was in execution, and in some of the same ways that lean fails today, such as not linking the application to the business plan. Too many quality circles focused on the wrong things such as striping the parking lot or the annual company picnic. Obviously if you invest great resources into these things you will not see a payback. Any insights that help TQM should also help lean by their natural connection. Since I have not yet read the book, I cannot endorse the book, I can only endorse the authors. Few individuals have contributed more to successful TQM than Shoji Shiba and Dave Walden. Of course we would wish Dr. Deming would write another book, but that's as likely as Henry Ford returning to fix Ford Motor Company. This is self-published, so you'll have to buy it through this link directly from the authors. Since you won't run across it browsing your local bookstore shelves, I thought I should share it with you.

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