The Lean Web: Simplifying Freedom of Expression


To me, Lean is all about simplicity and one of the most powerful applications of Lean has been in the radical empowerment of individuals to exercise the First Amendment. It started way back when the written word was developed. This simplified the duties of historians to keep their stories straight. Sometime later, the printing press took this to a new level. Not only were the stories straight, they were now accessible to the multitudes. Since the printing press, freedom of expression has been made more simple through the use of newspapers, magazines, radio, telephone, TV, and movies. With the rise of the Internet, email and websites continued the trend.

Prior to the Internet, access to the masses was more or less controlled by an elite media. This has changed in the past few years. New simplifications have made it cheaper, easier, and faster for anyone to express themselves to the entire world. Starting with our beloved Blogger, a standardized online diary is freely available to any person with Internet access. New software and services like Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder and Liberated Syndicate have been formed to allow budding radio personalities to produce talk & music shows from the comfort of their own home. Even Video Blogging has been made easy enough for people all over the world to take part. All of these great software and service packages have raised the importance of making it more simple for people like you and me to find valued content.

Here is where a service like Technorati starts looking Lean. Check out all the services to the left of the page. Each one seeks to simplify your blog experience. The thing about the Lean Web that satisfies me the most is that nobody had to attend a class or start a transformation. That topic is for another post, though. For now, let's just enjoy some more freedom of expression..

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  1. Allowing this expression seems to represent the TPS principle of “respect for humanity.” Plus, we’re publishing in “lots of one” or small batches, not a monthly lean “magazine.”


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