"Siren Song": Enjoy Increased Confidence and Satisfaction with Wonderware


by Mark Edmondson

This post may be shameless about poking fun at a real software product, but I couldn't resist:

Make better business decisions faster

Achieve increased profitability

Drive operational improvements

Substantially decrease total cost of ownership

Standardize best practices

Confidently meet delivery dates

Correct product quality variations

Enjoy increased income with consistently satisfied customers

Take a proactive approach to production and performance management

Align your business objectives and manufacturing operations

With Wonderware… the total automation and information software solution.

These are actual excerpts from a full page ad for “Wonderware” in the December issue of “Managing Automation” magazine. The html version: http://www.wonderware.com/ad/ppm/

Is it just me, or does Wonderware sound like something that Victoria's Secret would stock?

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  1. Mark Graban says

    It sure is easy to make wild claims, isn’t it?? Who believes that kind of sales pitch? I know WonderWare has been in business quite a while, so somebody must be buying it!

  2. Darrel Miller says

    Here’s a classic siren song that I commented on a while back…

  3. Anonymous says

    At the risk of being called a shill (I do sell Wonderware), the new Application Server product has delivered these kinds of results.

    An object oriented, template driven namespace on the plant floor is a huge leap forward.

    It’s odd to me that no one in industrial marketplace blogs on the software approaches used on the plant floor.

  4. Anonymous says

    One would think that an object-oriented, template driven namespace would be complete gibberish to anyone on the plant floor! Are we talking C++ style templates and namespaces as in a way of avoiding naming conflicts in shared libraries? If so, you may be interested to know that I have an Ajax driven, SOA based, Web 2.0 platform that will send your profits soaring…

  5. Anonymous says

    While the Wonderware offering is well developed and extremely functional, I must agree with the posters, this is a lot of gibberish that is not well understood by many plant people. Perhaps that’s why it’s being aimed at people that understand architectures and wish to build on them.

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