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Hello, blog readers, just a quick update here. It's been an exciting week on the Lean Manufacturing Blog. Thanks to being included on the Lean Enterprise Institute email blast, blog traffic really spiked, with over 2,000 visitors in the last three days. They came mostly to read the Jim Womack interview, but hopefully they stayed to enjoy my interview with Norman Bodek (part 3 to be published soon), and other excellent posts, including those by contributors Luke Van Dongen and Mark Edmondson.

Whether you're a new visitor or have been coming around often, don't forget to check out the archive of articles. You can look by month by scrolling down and finding the “Archive” links on the right hand side of the page. You can also use the search box up on the top left to search just this blog.

Next week brings a new feature. I'm participating in a “group blogging” effort on the topic of “Project Kaizen”, or the application of lean principles and kaizen to the project world. This is being led by Hal Macomber and his blog, Reforming Project Management.

Other bloggers include:

We'll each be blogging each day on a consistent topic. I'll provide links to their postings and hope you'll check back to see what we all have to say, and for you to participate through blog “comments.”

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  1. Chet Frame says

    Congratulations, Mark! That’s great news. Those of us who are interested readers and commenters will continue to tell people one at a time.

    Keep getting better.

  2. Mark Graban says

    Thanks, I appreciate people who tell others about the blog. I’m very honored that so many people have come by. I don’t do this to be “the biggest” blog or anything like that. I’m enjoying what I do here!

  3. kathleen fasanella says

    Hi Mark
    You know, I’d really like a list of preferred books from each of the seven. There’s such a proliferation of books that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sort through them.

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