First the V-Pill; Now it’s the V-Chain


Do you experience lumpy product demand?

Do you suffer from “outsourced manufacturing and third-party logistics across a multi-enterprise network”?

Has “demand management, transaction processing, and order fulfillment using paper-based systems led to excessive amounts of leg work expended on expediting”?

Well you can Forgetaboutit!

Just install V-Chain, and you'll miraculously reap new profits!

What is V-Chain you ask?

“V-Chainâ„¢, operates within heterogeneous IT environments and across multiple business partners to execute shared supply chain processes. The Web-native system combines connectivity, execution, planning, and metrics to create a single backbone in support of structured collaboration, something even the best ERP system can't do on its own.

I couldn't have said it more clearly myself. I couldn't have even made this up myself.

(Mark Graban here) –> sounds like another “siren song” of manufacturing software!

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  1. Ah, another “siren song” of manufacturing software. If you want to read more, use the search box at the top of the blog to search for the phrase “siren song”.


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