Shingo Prize Awarded to Kaikaku The Power and Magic of Lean


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This past year has been a good one for new lean manufacturing books. I haven't read this one yet, so I can't give it a personal recommendation, but I've heard many good things. Has anyone read this, have any comments or recommendations?

It looks like it takes 2-3 weeks to ship the book. Here is a link directly to the publisher's website, where I bet you can get it faster. I know it's also available through the Society for Manufacturing Engineers book store.

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  1. Chet Frame says

    I have read Kaikaku and it is a good read. It is a smorgasbord of information about each of the creators of what we now call Lean. It is not the in depth text that will be required to learn enough about a particurlar concept or methodology to implement it in a company. It is interesting and encyclopedic, but it is not a “How to” guide or a map to the hidden treasures in your current processes.

  2. Chuck says

    Actually, there is some valuable “how to” in Kaikaku. The chapter on “The Manager’s Walk” along can help a company improve and save millions of dollars. I know because I’ve done it. More detail is not needed, what is necessary is the commitment to “do it!”

  3. […] the good quotes and ideas that I find in the book (my comments in blue). Congratulations again on winning the Shingo Prize. Dr. Shingo said, “When you buy bananas all you want is the fruit not the skin, but you […]

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