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Back from Vacation; Chinese Translation; Champagne Gemba Time

Back from Vacation; Chinese Translation; Champagne Gemba Time

I’m back from vacation and, as with any good vacation, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with work and the blog. Thanks again to all of my great guest bloggers from the past two weeks. One thing that was waiting for us when my wife and I returned was the Chinese […]

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Stuff I’m Reading, May 7, 2012: Nurses, Blame, Government, Apple in China

Here are links to some more articles I’ve read recently that might be of interest on a number of Lean related topics: Twin boys die after morphine overdose (understaffing, poor training, & other system issues) Two years on, gov’t says it’s Leaner  (Regina, Saskatchewan) Montreal nurses suspended over woman’s death during childbirth (only the nurses […]

“The speed and flexibility is breathtaking” – But in a good way?

There has been a lot of buzz over last Sunday’s New York Times article “How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work.” It’s good to see issues of manufacturing competitiveness talked about in the media and among my Facebook friends who usually aren’t talking about factories. So why aren’t iPhones assembled here in the U.S.? […]

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Your Thoughts on Recent Articles about Apple, Foxconn, and China?

This week, I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of articles about working conditions at the Foxconn facilities in China. These stories are primarily focused on Apple, but nearly any computer, gadget, or mobile device is made there, ranging from iPhones to Android tablets to my Kindle Fire. I have a longer blog post […]

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Steve Jobs as a Model Leader? As a Manufacturing Leader?

Steve Jobs as a Model Leader? As a Manufacturing Leader?

As I wrote about after his death, I am appreciative of the products and services that Steve Jobs brought to the world.  That said, some of his behavior, as reported in the biography written by Walter Isaacson (the simply titled “Steve Jobs“) is less than admirable.  Some felt the need to dance on his grave, […]

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Fox News Channel Understands “Lean” Better than the WSJ

Fox News Channel Understands “Lean” Better than the WSJ

On Friday, there was yet another Wall Street Journal article about Lean (fixating as they always do on the “Just In Time” component). The article titled “For Lean Factories, No Buffer” yet again takes an outdated 1980s view that Lean is about low inventory. On the flip side, I was more pleasantly surprised that Fox […]

WSJ Wrongly Blames Apple Inventory Problems on “Lean Manufacturing”

OK, so I’ll admit I had a case of “rabbit ears” when I took the WSJ to task for calling the doomed BP Deepwater Horizon rig a “lean” operation. They were using the colloquial everyday use of “lean,” a term that can get in the way of understanding the real “lean manufacturing” principles and approaches […]

Ships Passing in the Night – China Builds U.S. Factories

Ships Passing in the Night – China Builds U.S. Factories

In an era where it was a “no brainer” to move factories to China, chasing cheap labor, the Lean world has often spoken out loudly against this. Back in the day, people said “Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM,” in this era you might say “No CEO ever got fired for moving factories to […]

Random iPad Thoughts and Questions

Random iPad Thoughts and Questions

Yesterday was iPad debut day – the new product was in stores and was supposed to arrive to those who pre-ordered it via UPS. UPS… on a Saturday? Doesn’t that cost a shipper (Apple) more for Saturday? I wonder why launch day wasn’t a Tuesday? Then again, more people are home on Saturdays, of course, […]

U.S. Companies Competing with China Using Lean

U.S. industry going lean to compete with China | Reuters Yesterday, I recorded a podcast with Jim D’Addario, CEO of the namesake multi-generational family company that was featured recently on CNN. I’ll release that podcast in a few weeks. We had a great conversation that went into more detail about how his company uses Lean […]

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Lean is a Rumor, in China?

IndustryWeek : Eye On China: Interesting story here in IndustryWeek, generally talking about the state of manufacturing in China, but turning its eye to Lean: When it comes to the current state of Chinese manufacturing efficiency, David Hemmings, president and CEO of consulting firm Pacific Rim Alliance, says, ‘Chinese companies, when compared to Western productivity […]

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Lean Can Help Fight High Transport Costs

Stung by Soaring Transport Costs, Factories Bring Jobs Home Again – WSJ.com Lean thinkers have long advocated the benefits of having a shorter supply chain — faster response, keeping jobs at home, being close to the customer, and better quality. Add high oil prices (and resulting transportation costs) to the list, as rising energy costs […]

A Lean Guy Reads the Financial Times

I’ve often done posts titled “A Lean Guy Reads the WSJ” — I would create a link to them, but I’m currently suffering a bit of an internet glitch (can anyone help?) I’m in the UK, but my hotel’s internet service apparently runs through Germany somehow, as Google (and Facebook) are both somehow recognizing I’m […]

The Solution is Automation?

The Challenge From China – WSJ.com: The above linked article is pretty wide-ranging, written by a political guy, mostly about the growing military threat from China. He dabbles a bit in long-term (China) vs. short-term (U.S.) thinking… how China’s economic growth is fueling their military power. He adds: “In the past we have been able […]

Costs "Forcing" US Firms Out of China

AFP: Costs driving US manufacturing firms out of China: AmCham “Forcing” is a strange word to use. It’s really a business choice, one way or another. Chasing cheap labor… that’s a choice. Chasing it to the next state or country is also a choice companies make. “For manufacturers, the seemingly endless supply of low-cost unskilled […]

A Funny Fake News Story for Earth Day, A Sad Reality

Following up on Jason’s post last week about China and pollution, here is a video from the fake (but deadpan funny) Onion News Network (nice article about them in the NY Times today, I’ve subscribed to their video podcast from the beginning). The video’s not much of a cheery thought for Earth Day. Honestly, Earth […]

Lean and Green thoughts on China

By Jason Turgeon: China’s everywhere in the news these days. It seems like you can’t open a newspaper (or a feed reader) without reading an article about the summer Olympics, its booming economy, the situation in Tibet, and growing unease over the environmental consequences of China industrializing in the same way the US and Europe […]

A True Story, Best I Can Tell

A True Story, Best I Can Tell

I know this sounds like the stuff of urban legend, but I had someone tell me this story today, someone with no real interest in exaggerating, so I would tend to believe it. He was Canadian-born, but recently became a U.S. citizen. At the ceremony, he was given a flag pin that, of course, said […]