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Interview with Tom Peters on His Compact Guide to Excellence –...

Scroll down for how to subscribe, transcript, and more My guest for Episode #465 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast is the legendary (my word,...

Hey @ElonMusk: Toyota Never Thought “Humans are Underrated”

Over the past month, there's been so much in the news about Tesla. This column from Joann Muller, who covers the auto industry for Forbes, caught my eye again recently: "Musk Thinks Tesla Will School Toyota On Lean Manufacturing; Fixing Model 3 Launch Would Be A Start" It's not a direct quote (I don't think) from CEO Elon Musk that they will "school" Toyota on Lean manufacturing. I'd suggest there's little evidence that Musk and Elon are even really trying Lean manufacturing as a strategy or a mindset. He's doing his own thing and will sink or swim accordingly.

Elon Musk Wrongly Pooh-Poohs Process as a Substitute for Thinking

I've always been intrigued by entrepreneur (and billionaire) Elon Musk. He founded PayPal (which I have used for over ten years), founded  SpaceX (which...