Sabrina Malter

Sabrina Malter
Sabrina Malter is passionate about creating a work environment where everyone can bring their full self to work and make the boldest impact. She loves to challenge, encourage, and support people who embark on their personal growth journey. Sabrina brings her passion to life in her current role as an Organizational Change and Strategy Manager within a big pharmaceutical company. She understands the power of Lean thinking, and Lean tools and techniques in working towards her vision with a special expertise and skill in Lean Kata Coaching. She is a passionate and empathetic Lean Kata Coach, Coaching Trainer and Coach-the-Coach. Sabrina's educational background includes a M.Sc. in Sustainability Management from The Open University, UK as well as further study on Leading People Centered Change, Coaching, and Professional Resilience. Sabrina lives with her husband and two daughters in the south of Germany.

Kata Coaching — Next Steps Towards Inclusion and Equity at Work

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