Michelle Pennix

Michelle Pennix
Trilingual- fluent in community, church, and public education. Michelle Pennix, the founder of Principled Pennix, is a trusted consultant for leadership development and community engagement in education, economics, and political awareness. Mrs. Pennix partners with various community organizations helping them synthesize complicated matters into tangible achievements. As a retired Jefferson County Public Schools educator and principal for over 25 years she led thousands of staff, students, and families through an extensive program for leadership development. The culmination of which came about in January of 2020 when under her direction her school was recognized as 1 of 500 worldwide to receive Lighthouse Certification through the Leader in Me Program, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Michelle holds a Master’s degree and Principal Certifications. She has served in local, state, and national organizations that advance leadership skills, but her passion is geared toward serving Black and impoverished communities, helping them to have access and opportunity to the wealth America offers. A leader, Michelle Pennix is still doing the work not from theory, but by action. She is married to Pastor Edward Pennix and is a mother to Solomon and Grace. Her personal mission: To God be the Glory.

ABCs of Educational Injustice

I was excited. I was young-enough, studied-enough, passionate-enough. I knew that with the right staff, right curriculum, right strategies, right systems and with the...