Bella Englebach

Bella Englebach
I was trained as a scientist, and still love the search for knowledge, Now I help people to see that the heart of improvement is the scientific method. As children we were all excited to ask why - and we all loved to conduct experiments! Many of us left that type of exploration behind and came to believe that we were not good at problem-solving or creativity. But good news! Everyone can regain their excited inner scientist to drive people-centered improvement for any type of organization. I previously worked at Johnson & Johnson, where I was a process excellence and business improvement leader, bringing the worlds of lean and creativity together in research and development, regulatory affairs, and IT implementations. I opened my own business, Lean for Humans, Inc, in 2018. I am a Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Facilitator who blends together creativity with continuous improvement, lean improvement, lean product and process development, and change management. I was a member of the Board of Directors of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange for six years. I love to speak at and facilitate workshops at lean, operational excellence, and continuous improvement conferences. I am the author of "Creatively Lean: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Drive Innovation throughout Your Organization.”

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