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Rebuilding US Manufacturing


IndustryWeek Series Link

Those of you who followed the link to, “Learning from Toyota – Again” from my Adding Value Vs. Reducing Cost post will likely have also seen that this article is the first installment of a year long series dedicated to Rebuilding US Manufacturing. IndustryWeek describes this year-long series as focused on case studies and expert advice that executives at U.S. manufacturing companies can use.

Here's the published schedule of topics for the remainder of the series:

March: Behind the success at machine-tool leader Haas.

May: Reinvigorating the manufacturing workforce.

July: Must-have IT tools.

Sept.: Daimler-Chrysler's operations overhaul.

Nov.: Staying ahead with machine tools and robots.

I'm curious to see how lean is incorporated into each of these areas. Look for more posts when the articles are released and join in on the discussions.

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